What exactly is Scrub Club?

Mark’s Scrub Club supports all of you who wear scrubs with an intuitive shopping experience and comfort designed around your needs. Everything that happens here comes from the belief that as an essential Worker, you need a place to go where what’s essential is you.

All about simplicity

When you have one of the most essential jobs in the world, gearing up for work should be the easier part of it. That’s why Scrub Club aims to make shopping for scrubs simple, from the minute you press the “add to cart” button to the minute it lands at your door.

People, not personnel

Uniforms have a way of being, well, uniform. We design our scrubs for the people who wear them: individuals with unique tastes and needs. You put a lot of who you are into your work. Your scrubs should reflect that.

The power of community

Being part of a community means being connected to something greater than you. As healthcare professionals, you’re united by your commitment to caring for others. At Scrub Club, you’re connected by something else too: the very human need to care for yourselves.

About Mark's

Our corporate mission is to stand by all things simple in all that we do. For hard-working healthcare workers, our goal is to make shopping for high-quality scrubs, apparel, footwear and accessories easier. Because when you feel good, you’re in a better position to do good. Scrub Club is our way of saying that we see you.

And we thank you.